Power Women’s Round Table Highlights Women in Commercial Real Estate

Anderson1410_LinkedINresaveBBy: Cicely Anderson, Assistant Property Manager, Duke Realty

The 2nd Annual Power Women’s Roundtable was a phenomenal event! This year’s event highlighted six amazing women who have made significant strides in their professional and personal lives, while promoting diversity and inclusion every step of the way. Their titles ranged from C-Suite Executives to Directors, Senior Vice Presidents, and Principles of local and international organizations who are active players in the commercial real estate industry. The attendees who were able to share an evening with these dynamic women made the evening all the more rewarding.

Each guest speaker was able to share their journey with their assigned small groups. The speakers rotated every 45-minutes three times throughout the evening, which gave attendees an opportunity to hear from at least three different power women throughout the evening. Each speaker opened up the discussion with a brief introduction that flowed into questions and comments from the attendees.

Each small group consisted of no more than 10 attendees, which was ideal and allowed the attendees to ask questions and dig deeper on matters and topics that were important to them. Topics discussed explored the speakers accomplishments, risks they had taken, tips they used to overcome rejection, advice on work-life-balance, dialog on maintaining healthy relationships in the industry, their meaning of great leadership, recommendations on negotiating job offers, the necessity of self-confidence, guidance on navigating a male dominated industry, suggestions on how to own your space as the only woman in the room, and much more. Hearing their rich backgrounds and advice was stimulating, and the level of transparency that each speaker allowed made the dialog all the more enriching.

By the end of the evening, it was clear that each of the power women are trailblazers. By sharing their experiences openly and boldly, they encouraged several attendees to join the dialog beyond the evening because each woman has a journey to share, and their stories will inspire and motivate other women to become and remain involved in commercial real estate. The flames of greatness were stirred during the 2nd Annual Power Women’s Round Table and the future is looking bright for more women to continue leaving an indelible mark on more areas of the commercial real estate industry!

As a member of Duke Realty’s Asset Management and Property Management division in Atlanta, Georgia, Cicely’s core responsibilities include asset management, customer service, and operational functions for nearly 1 million square feet of industrial sites in the North Gwinnett market. Cicely’s ambition and acumen helped her succeed for more than nine years in residential property management, and with her desire to hone her craft in real estate, she obtained her Master of Science in Real Estate. With her passion and energy to succeed, Cicely is now applying her interpersonal, organizational, and analytical skills to the commercial real estate industry.

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