Key Reasons Why Modern Builders are Choosing Structural Steel Frames

jessicakaneBy Jessica Kane, Blogger

An ever-increasing number of builders today are utilizing structural steel frames for their construction projects. This particular trend is expected to continue into the future, with more builders taking advantage of structural steel frames all of the time. There are several key reasons why 21st century builders are choosing structural steel frames on their projects.

Easy Installation

At the top of the list for choosing structural steel frames by many builders is the fact that these types of frames provide for easy installation. By design, they are engineered to fit simultaneously with one end easily and efficiently sliding into the other and, therefore, no special fasteners are necessary.

In addition, because of the ease of use, structural steel frames necessitate fewer workers in the overall process, with no requirement for retaining, cutting, or hammering.

One of the things that can markedly slow down a construction project is more complicated installation issues associated with a building’s frame. Construction slowdowns represent the primary factory driving cost increases on construction projects of all types. As is discussed in a moment, ease of installation contributes to the overall cost effectiveness associated with structural steel frames.

Cost Effective

Another major reason why structural steel frames are selected by an increasing number of builders today is because these frames are cost effective. They are appropriately and accurately slashed during the manufacturing process itself and there is no need for on-location adjustments or alterations, which is wasteful.

As mentioned previously, fewer workers are required when structural steel frames are used in a construction project. These factors work together to render their use, because they are notably more cost effective.

In the competitive construction market of the 21st century, builders are called upon to utilize all possible strategies to decrease costs. The utilization of structural steel frames allows a builder the ability to go into a project with a lower bid in the first instance. In addition, because of ease of use and associated issues previously discussed, the propensity for time delays and cost overruns is reduced significantly when structural steel frames are incorporated into a construction project. This holds true for commercial, residential and industrial construction projects that utilize them, as opposed to the other common alternatives.

Safety and Resilience

Another key reason why builders select structural steel frames today is based on safety considerations. They are far more blaze resistant than wood-framed construction and other alternatives. Additionally, structural steel frames are not impacted by termites, bugs, or rodents.

Structural steel frames are also not susceptible to mold or fungus. These frames do not need to be treated with chemicals, which wood frames require. In addition, a steel frame building is better grounded and less likely to be hit or impaired by lightning.

It is also important to keep in mind that structural steel frames contribute to an enhanced construction site safety. Every year, workers are injured and even killed in accidents associated with the framing process. More often than not, more serious injuries and fatalities occur when wood frames are being utilized. Lower accident rates typically are associated with framing when steel is utilized.

Enhanced Construction Quality

Yet another of the key reasons why seasoned builders utilize structural steel frames is found in the fact that these types of structures do not age like wooden or other alternatives and are corrosion resistant.

Builders select structural steel frames because they can be assured of a higher quality final product when a building is completed. Moreover, they end up with what usually proves to be a higher quality building at a notably lower cost when they are used in the project. This proves to be a win-win situation for all construction project stakeholders.


Steel is blessed with one of the largest powers-to-heaviness ratios of any type building material commonly used on construction projects today. Because of its inherent nature, steel will not buckle, chink, rot, divide, distort, rotate or splinter.

With all of this inherent durability, structural steel frames weigh less than their wooden alternatives. In addition to being more durable, these frames are also easier to handle.

The durability of structural steel frames provides a builder with more flexibility for their use on different types of projects. In addition, the can be utilized in a myriad of different ways that are not always possible with wood and other types of frame alternatives.

Jessica Kane is a professional blogger who writes for Federal Steel Supply, Inc., a leading steel tubing supplier of carbon, alloy and stainless-steel pipe, tubes, fittings and flanges.


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