What is the CREW Network…beyond CREW Atlanta?

Sara Silvio CREW NetworkCREWMemberBy Sara Silvio, Constructive Ingenuity, LLC

Did you know as a member of CREW Atlanta that you have instant access to 10,000 real estate professionals across the U.S. and Canada, and each one of them would LOVE to do business with you?  This is not a cheesy sales email advertising a database of leads and potential customers; this is YOUR CREW Network!  There are 68 U.S. chapters and five Canadian chapters of CREW, so if you are doing business outside of Atlanta, chances are good that you could connect with another CREW member.


As chair of the Network Committee and your Atlanta Chapter Delegate, I want to help all Atlanta members understand the opportunities available to you beyond Atlanta.  This network of 10,000 members is one of the greatest benefits your CREW membership provides, and I want to equip you with tools to access those benefits.  In order to do this, we created the Beyond Atlanta Subcommittee as part of the Network Committee, and Heather Lamb has joined me in spearheading this effort.


Ways you can access your CREW Network:

  1. Download the CREW Biz App to your mobile device. This gives you access to all members who have a CREW Profile.
  2. Visit org to search the database of member profiles. Make sure your profile is updated so members can search for you.
  3. Check the org website to view the list of chapters. Are you doing business in any of these cities?
  4. Contact another chapter by reaching out to their Board members (shown on CREW Biz and on their websites) for an introduction or reference.
  5. Look at the latest Beyond Atlanta handout below, which shows events in the southeastern chapters (within driving distance).
  6. Plan your business trip around a CREW luncheon in another city.
  7. Attend a CREW Network Leadership Summit or Convention.
  8. Be on a national-level committee.

CREW Nework Beyond Atlanta Map

And if you visit another chapter, please let me know about your experience. Heather and I are always here to assist with your “Beyond Atlanta” efforts, and happy networking!


Sara Silvio is the President of Constructive Ingenuity, a program and project management firm specializing in industrial, manufacturing  and government projects.  She has over 18 years’ experience in industrial engineering, construction , development and project management.  An active member of CREW Atlanta since 2006, Sara has served on various committees and held several leadership positions.  She enjoys container gardening and spending time in the North GA Mountains.

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