The Benefits of Social Media for Commercial Real Estate






By: Chelsea Cannon, Digital Brand Strategist at infinitee

It is no longer a question of whether or not a commercial real estate company should have an active social media presence. Remember the 90’s when companies realized they needed to build a website? Well, now we’re in 2-0-1-7 and so it is with social media platforms. The benefits far outnumber the misconceptions people often have when considering social media:

  • How much effort is really required to post content and manage the profile?
  • Who is going to do it?
  • Are we creating a place for negativity and inviting that in?
  • What’s the real ROI?

But with a good plan in place, the benefits outweigh these concerns. Three KPIs always rise to the surface when digging deeper into integrated insights, specifically for the commercial real estate industry:

  1. Increased brand awareness in reach, impressions, website traffic, professional influence, etc.
  2. Enhanced search engine optimization utilizing social profiles to link your digital presence together
  3. More engagement and touchpoints with your target audience. As Barbi Reuter, COO of Cushman & Wakefield, said “[Social media] is a way to humanize your brand with a personal touch and connect with the community around you.”

So often with social media, getting started is the hardest part – trying to figure out the best, most efficient and optimum way to do it. Here are two steps you can take toward launching and maintaining your social media presence.


1. Pick your Networks

Although there are literally hundreds of social media platforms available, the most popular ones for B2B include: LinkedIn, TwitterYouTube, Facebook and a Blog. All have their unique advantages.

  • LinkedIn allows you to showcase your professional experience and communicate with very specific prospects
  • Twitter is an instantaneous news feed of engagement and a great source for driving website traffic and building your influence with other industry leaders. It doesn’t get easier to tweet, share and favorite!
  • YouTube is viewed by millions of subscribers daily and serves as an impactful messaging tool for showcasing assets that speak volumes about your brand, properties, listings, client testimonials, etc.
  • Facebook allows daily communication, transparency, brand exposure and industry engagement
  • Blogging positions a company or a person as a thought leader and serve’s as new website content for search engines to crawl ultimately increasing SEO

PRO TIP: Claim your handle on all of these, but pick one or two networks to start an active presence on.

2. Develop a Messaging Plan

Once you know where you’ll be playing, you need to decide what to say. Oftentimes, people look externally for help developing their strategic messaging plan. Sometimes it takes an outside perspective to narrow down what your key message points are, the voice you want to have and to establish an achievable cadence. The plan can then be executed by an in-house team or be maintained by an outside resource. Regardless, all social media plans should be built around internal capabilities, objectives and an agreed upon budget.

PRO TIP: Social media may be free monetarily, but not in labor and effort. Consider all angles of investment when crafting your plan.

In short, having an active presence on social media is no longer an option for any industry. At best, you’re missing opportunities to engage with prospects, enhance your SEO and increase your brand awareness. At worst, you hurt your corporate credibility, appear dated and leave the floor open to competition.

Start small – pick a few networks that are best for your content, time and skills; and develop a messaging plan (big or small) that’s consistent, achievable and meets your objectives for being there in the first place. Rely on insights and analytics to revise and refine, and enjoy growing your business through a new medium. When needed, consult an expert! We have a few we can recommend.

Chelsea started with infinitee in 2013 merging her two-year-old start-up with infinitee’s (at the time) twenty-four-year-old agency to develop its in-house Digital Media Department. She created a proprietary and strategic approach to address all social media projects applicable to any industry and vertical known as Social 7, and has since adapted the SOP to all digital needs. With her strategic and analytical mindset, innovative ideas and constantly evolving services, as well as her easy-to-understand consulting tactics – department staff and annual revenues have tripled since inception.

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